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We hope you find the information you need, but if not, email us at or call 410-524-4900!
Bands, DJs and Booking agents please use for sending promotional material or other questions. Thanks!
Stay at our hotel !  You'll be right next to the party and get a VIP pass for entrance! (Excluding New Year's Eve - call 410-524-4496 for more info on booking a room for New Year's!) 
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We're open year-round.  We're open daily at 11am most of the year including now!
(as of April 3 2014)
Minors Policy:

Seacrets welcomes families and children of all ages from open until no later than 10pm. (Time Subject to change on Weekends, during Summer and on Holidays--if after 7pm you may want to give us a call 410-524-4900).  We kindly request that all guests under the age of 21 be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, and be seated in our dining areas throughout their stay.

Additionally, guests under the age of 21 are not permitted in the bay, in the nightclub or on the pier.

ID Policy:

1. United States Drivers License issued from the MVA
2. Identification Card issued by the MVA
3. Passport (typed-not handwritten)
4. Military CAC cards
(No expired IDs will be accepted)
Dress Code:

All hats worn forward.
No brimless headgear (bandanas, skullcaps, etc).
No athletic jerseys (except football events).
No long T-shirts hanging below pant pockets.
No extra-long shorts below the bottom of the calf.
No excessively long collared/button-up shirts
No offensive, vulgar and/or inappropriate clothing.
No excessively ripped or torn clothing.
No white sleeveless undershirts.
No thong suits.
No motorcycle colors
Pants & shorts must be worn around the waist
No glowsticks or laser pointers

Effective at 6pm upon entry:
Shirt and shoes must be worn.
No sleeveless shirts on men.
No plain white t-shirts (must have pocket or logo).
No sunglasses after dark.

Attitude counts!

All Applicants are encouraged to stop in for an application. 
Online applications may be filled out online at